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May Program

Michael Brandwein

When: May 19th, 9:00am-12:00pm

Where: Deer Lake Camp, 101 Paper Mill Rd, Killingworth, CT 06419

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Two topics, 3 hours, lots of fun!

Topic 1

PURPOSEFUL PLAY: Quick, Cool, Original No-Prop Games that Teach Young People (and Staff!) Skills for Life & Leadership

We come to play, and when we leave we’ve learned! In this active session, Michael leads us in some of his best original and creative presentation of games that go “beyond fun” and which you can use with all ages, indoors and out.

Two things make this unique session really stand out:

  • Each activity is mission-directed: Participants will be having too much fun to know they are practicing essential social-emotional and life skills like communication, making friends, positivity, resilience, leadership, respect, collaboration, and more

  • BONUS: While learning the games, Michael demonstrates outstanding game leadership techniques that can be used with any activity we lead, including clear communication, grabbing and keeping attention, maximizing participation, and more.

Topic 2

Practical & Powerful Techniques to Teach Problem-Solving, Responsibility, Resiliency, & Independence to Young People

More youth leaders, teachers, parents and others report that today’s young people of all ages need even more support in learning how to be independent and handle challenges. This session demonstrates Michael’s special three-step C.D.C. technique to help young people think more for themselves, with greater confidence.

You’ll Learn and Practice:

  • Exactly what to say and do to help young people learn how to solve problems, handle mistakes and challenges, and get what they need with greater independence, resiliency, confidence, and calmness

  • How to reduce whining and increase critical thinking skills

  • Teaching young people the specific “language” to use and questions to ask that lead to effective, persistent problem-solving

  • Reducing “rescuing” of young people and increasing the use of daily—but often “invisible”–opportunities to practice responsibility skills

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