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Here you will find links to articles or documents related to summer camps in Connecticut such as new legislation or trends that are happening throughout New England and around the country.  If you have something of interest please send an email to connecticutcampingassociation@gmail.com

Updates from Legislative Insights with CT CAMPING Association Lobbyist

Jay Arronson shared his legislative wrap up with the group on how CCA’s work at the capitol is paying off for camps in CT.

Recap from the 2019 Legislative Session

Updates from OEC prior to Summer of 2018

Updated Camp Statutes

Guidance on Individual Care Plans

OEC Guidance on Care Plans

Updates from CT Office of Early Childhood Fall 2015

Click Here for New Statutes enacted in October 2015 (PDF)

Click Here for “Emily’s Law” about Boating Certification and Towing in effect October 1, 2015 (PDF)

Notes Taken from the OEC Meeting on March 11, 2015

Click for Office of Early Childhood Meeting (PDF) for notes from the session with OEC.

Click for Air Quality, DEEP, International Staffing (PDF) notes from the afternoon sessions with DEEP and Camp America about International Staffing.

Click for proposed changes to Youth Camp Licensing Regulations (PDF) from the public comments in 2012.

Notes Taken from the ADA Program in April

Click for Protecting Children With Disabilities ADA Compliance (PDF) for notes from the session with US Attorney’s office in New Haven.

Notes Taken from the DPH with CCA on March 6, 2014

DPH-Meeting-03-06-14 for notes from the DPH Session

Click for notes from the session on Lyme Disease Prevention

Protecting Children With Disabilities ADA Compliance for notes from the U.S. attorneys office presentation about Protecting children with disabilities and ADA law.

Notes Taken from the DPH with CCA on April 11, 2013

DPH Violations 2013 list of all violations during the camp season in 2013 provided by the CT DPH.

Medical Marijuana Law Passes in CT(September 2012)

We are not sure yet how this will affect CT Summer Camps but CCA will continue to provide information about the law and how it may impact summer camp.

Click for a link to info about the CT Medical Marijuana Law.

Here is an article from ACA about medical marijuana. Susan Yoder indicated that quite a bit is happening with this issue.

New DMV Vehicle Inspection Information

(May 2012) Updated 3/2014

Any camp vehicle used to transport campers must be inspected by the CT DMV and must use the form provided by DPH.  The vehicle must pass a Sound Mechanical Inspection and also have the following safety euipment in the vehicle and properly secured as in a bag or part of a safety kit, that can be secured to the vehicle in some way not to fly around (velcro, straps, etc..).  Here is what you need to have:

  1. Fire Extinguisher
    2. First Aid Kit
    3. Three Emergency Triangles

Click for the updated Vehicle Inspection Form from the DPH

Notes Taken from the DPH with CCA March 8, 2012

If you were unable to attend the meeting, clink on this link to view some notes  taken to hopefully answer any questions you may have. DPH Meeting March 2012 (PDF)

Pool compliance and the new ADA regulations in place that must be in compliance by March 15, 2012:

UPDATE:  Deadline Extended to January 31, 2013.

Click here for more information.

Click here for document from state of CT Department of Public Health.

Click here for document to help answer questions about compliance.

Click here for page from ACA national about compliance and tax credits.

Paid Sick Leave in CT

It is our understanding that since most camps do not have to pay minimum wage that this law does not apply to most unless you are in operation for more than 6 months which is not the case for most camps.  However, if some employees work more than 6 months in other capacity and you have more than 50 employees during any one quarter you will have to comply.  Please read the information below if you have more specific questions:

Click for info from CT Department of Labor on Sick Leave Guidance (PDF)

Click for info about CT Department of Labor Paid Sick Leave (PDF)